Permanent Warning Line System

Permanent Warning Line System

The Guardian Permanent Warning Line System is a durable alternative to the flimsy temporary warning line systems. The system combines a heavy duty base with long lasting components that are weatherproof.

The Stamped Steel Warning Flag is powder coated and permanently attached to the cable line for ease of installation and compliance with OSH standards. Using our Guardrail Base Plates, the Permanent Warning Line post is easily attached. The lengths of the cable and flags are pre positioned for quick and easy installation.

Stamped Steel Warning Flag (15038)

Permanent Line Mast (15039)

Part# Size Description Weight
01401 5/812mm Vinyl Coated Cable N/A
15038 228(W) x 292(H) Stamped Steel Warning Flag .36
15039 1.06m(H) Permanent Warning Line Mast 15
15177 558mm x 558mm New Multi-Directional Guardrail Base Plate 42
15180 914mm x 254mm Guardrail Base Plate 33.50

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