Premium Guardrail System

Premium Guardrail System

The Premium Guardrail System is a highly superior system that combines functionality and durability with a touch of elegance that both you and your customers will appreciate.

Our “click-and-go” design speeds up the installation of the Premium Guardrail System while providing users with the option of having a straight upright, curved upright, or inclined upright. These options make any installation a possibility.

Premium G-Rail System


The collapsible option allows for the Premium G-Rail System to be utilised when needed and lowered when work is completed.

Premium G-Rail System counterweights


Lightweight, non-penetrating counterweights are cost effective to ship and can be easily filled with concrete on-site, requiring no tools for installation.

Premium G-Rail System non-corrosive all aluminum system


The non-corrosive all aluminum system and advanced design creates one of the most durable systems available in the market today.

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