Ladder Accessories

Corner Buddy Ladder Stabiliser

The Patented Ladder Dolly

  • Designed for single worker use
  • Reduces carrying weight by up to 90%
  • Attaches quickly and easily to most ladders
  • Secures with one bolt, clip or adhesive
  • Reduces work fatigue & increases productivity
  • Edge-mounted position allows easy storage
  • Available in various versions: Heavy-Duty model with 8” diameter wheels, Light-Duty model with 6” diameter wheels & Step Ladder model with 1” ball bearing wheels
Ladder Hooks

Ladder Stability Anchor

Guardian’s Ladder Stability Anchor complies with OSHA 1926.1053(b)(1): “…ladder shall be secured at its top to a rigid support that will not deflect.”

The device is made of lightweight aluminum and allows for secure attachment, without penetration, of the fascia board or to rafters. Comes with 2 feet and 3 feet Velcro straps that firmly fasten around top rung of the ladder. No special tools are required and only takes seconds to attach.

Part# Description Weight kg
10808 Ladder Stability Anchor (includes 600 & 900mm Velcro straps) 2.00
10811 Permanent Ladder Anchor Flat Roof (incl 600 & 900mm strap) 1.00
10812 Permanent Ladder Anchor Vertical Wall (incl 600 & 900mm strap) 1.00
10825 Ladder Dolly – Standard 4.00
10826 Ladder Dolly – Wide 5.00
10827 Step Ladder Dolly 1.00
Ladder assist

Ladder Assist (15104)

  • Not used for fall protection
  • A simple hand support device to aid the worker while transitioning from a ladder to the rooftop
  • Device easily attaches to most permanent ladders
  • Spring loaded design allows one-handed operation
Ladder rung step

Ladder Rung Step (2477)

The new Ladder Rung Step is designed to reduce worker fatigue by expanding the foot support of a worker. Easily attached and lightweight, this patented design requires no tools to install and easily fits to most ladders in just seconds. Constructed of reinforced aluminum, this new ladder accessory makes work easier to complete while using a step ladder or extension ladder providing more stability.

Part# Description Weight kg
15104 Ladder Assist 9.5
2477 Ladder Rung Step .8

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