Skyhook™ Flashing Accessories Kit

Skyhook™ Flashing Accessories

  • Flashing available in a pre-primed ready-to-paint finish
  • Gaskets also available & sold separately

Wire Hook

Wire Hook Anchorage (01860)

  • Stainless Steel
  • Opens by squeezing spring loaded hook
  • Connects to various anchor points including: scaffolding, railings & small I-beams
  • Double leg option has 2 wire hook ends
  • Available with attached shock absorbing lanyards

Tool Lanyard

Tool Lanyards

  • Help reduce falling object related injuries
  • Securely attach tools to wrist or tool belt
  • Two connection options for ease & versatility


Armadillo (00245)

  • Designed specifically for proper use of retractable
  • Aluminum cradle makes the unit lightweight
  • 360° degree casters make movement of Armadillo smooth
  • Can be attached to our Horizontal Rope Lifeline System
  • Can be attached to any roof anchor on the market
  • Fits our 6m - 18m retractables
Part# Description Weight kg
00245 Armadillo 5
00352 Skyhook™ Flashing – Primer .90
00358 Neoprene Skyhook™ Gasket – Small .45
00359 Neoprene Skyhook™ Gasket – Large .45
01860 Wire Hook Anchorage .40
10725 Tool Lanyard with Mini Twist Locking Carabiner N/A
10726 Tool Lanyard with Mini Carabiner N/A

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