Hooks & Carabiners

Our connector and snap hook options vary as you can see above. These provide you with versatility to get your job done safely.

Locking Aluminum Carabiner[1]
Forged Aluminum Snap Hook[5]
Stamped Steel Rebar Hook[4]
Swivel Forged Carabiner[3]
Locking Steel Carabiner[2]
Forged Aluminum Rebar Hook[6]
Forged Pompier Hook[10]
Forged Triple Lock Tie-Back Carabiner[9]
Stamped Steel Snap Hook[8]
Swivel Indicating Snap Hook[7]

Kit includes:

[1] Locking Aluminum Carabiner (01813-A)

[2] Locking Steel Carabiner (01813-S)

[3] Swivel Forged Carabiner (01816)

[4] Stamped Steel Rebar Hook (01823)

[5] Forged Aluminum Snap Hook (01822-A)

[6] Forged Aluminum Rebar Hook (01823-A)

[7] Swivel Indicating Snap Hook (01825)

[8] Stamped Steel Snap Hook (01830)

[9] Forged Triple Lock Tie-Back Carabiner (01835)

[10] Forged Pompier Hook (01850)

Part# Gate Description Weight kg
01813-A 20mm Locking Aluminum Carabiner .09
01813-S 20mm Locking Steel High Strength Carabiner .18
01816   Swivel Forged Carabiner .40
01823 60mm Stamped Steel Rebar Hook .75
01822-A   Forged Aluminum Snap Hook .20
01823-A   Forged Aluminum Rebar Hook .60
01825 20mm Swivel Indicating Snap Hook .55
01835 20mm Forged Triple Lock Tie-Back Carabiner .30
01830 20mm Stamped Steel Snap Hook .35
01850 55mm Forged Pompier Hook .85

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