Beamer Series Anchor Points

Beamer™ 2000 Anchor Point

Beamer™ 2000 anchor point

Minotaur Anchor Point

Minotaur anchor point

The Minotaur Anchor point, one of the newest anchor points being launched by Maximum Safety, functions much like the new Beamer™ 3000 in that it is lightweight in construction, features dual adjustability with superior strength and fits a much larger beam than anything out on the market today. The Minotaur adjusts from a 300mm wide beam all the way up to a 760mm beam.

Part# Description Flange Size Flange Thickness Flange Use Weight kg
00101 Beamer™ 2000 85 - 355mm Up to 30mm Top or bottom 1.8
00103 Beamer™ 2000 150 - 405mm Up to 30mm Top or bottom 1.8
00106 Minotaur 300 - 760mm Up to 60mm Top or bottom 3

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