Beamer Series Anchor Points

Beamer™ 3000 Anchor Point

Beamer™ 3000 anchor point

The Beamer™ 3000 is Guardian’s newest addition to its wide range of beam anchors. It combines many of the features of the Beamer™ 2000 with some new ones:

Closeup of Beamer™ 3000


The Beamer™ 3000 weighs 25% less than her sister, the Beamer™ 2000, making this one of the lightest beam anchors on the market today.

AS/NZS compliant lanyard

AS/NZS Compliant Lanyard

When used with the AS/NZS compliant Extended Free Fall Lanyard, the Beamer™ 3000 provides a system that meets the requirements by the standard.

Worker showing adjustablility of Beamer™ 3000


The new dual adjustment gives the worker the ability to adjust the Beamer™ 3000 to its ideal position. It utilises many of the industry leading features of the Beamer™ 2000, but adds a lighter weight option with more adjustability.

Part# Description Flange Size Flange Thickness Flange Use Weight kg
00104 Beamer™ 3000 85 - 355mm Up to 30mm Top or bottom 1.3

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