Mega Swivel Anchor

Mega Swivel Anchor

Mega swivel anchor backer plate

Backer Plate (00234)

  • Expansion range is from 25mm to 355mm
  • Drill your hole straight into the substrate so the bolt can freely slide all the way though the substrate
  • Nut must be fully threaded on bolt to ensure maximum strength ratings and integrity of anchor
  • Nut torque must be 40 - 50 ft. lb.
Swivelling attachment

Swiveling Attachment

The new MEGA Swivel Anchor is ideal for metal decking applications where you need a fast and easy way to provide a fall arrest or restraint anchor for your workers. The anchor incorporates a 360° degree swiveling attachment point to eliminate side loading of your snap hook.

Cab;e anchor plate

Cable Anchor Plate (00516)

  • Consists of a 25mm x 150mm steel plate & swaged cable termination
  • Max Capacity: 2268kg / 22kN
  • Compliant with AS/NZS standard
  • For fall protection only
  • Can be placed in overhead/ceiling surfaces only
  • Custom lengths are available
10K 5K Other Description
00231 Replacement Steel Bolts – 15mm x 50mm
00234 MEGA Swivel Anchor Backer Plate
00237 00292 MEGA Swivel Anchor for Steel
00238 00293 MEGA Swivel Anchor for Concrete
00239 MEGA Replacement Concrete Bolts – 19mm x 125mm
00294 MEGA Replacement Steel Bolt – 316 12mm x 100mm
00295 MEGA Replacement Steel Bolt – 304 SS 12mm x 100mm
00296 MEGA Replacement Steel Bolt – SAE Grade 8
00297 MEGA Replacement Concrete Bolt – 316 12mm x 120mm
00298 MEGA Replacement Concrete Bolt – 304 SS 12 x 100mm
00299 MEGA Replacement Concrete Bolt – SAE Grade 8
00251 Weld-On Puck
00516 Cable Anchor Plate

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