SkyMast Skyhook™ & Skymast

Skymast illustration of various features

1. SkyMast

  • Ideal for safely loading & installing muiltiple rooftops
  • Powder-coat finish is available
  • Does not include Skyhook™ or SRL’s

2. Retractable Cradles

SkyMast system comes with three retractable cradles. These cradles rotate 360° degrees and are set in a position that allows the retractables to perform properly. SkyMast accommodates most SRL’s up to 20m.

3. Mast

The system is designed to take the load of three individuals falling at the same time when used as a personal fall arrest system.

4. Steel Dowel Pins

Steel dowel pins secure retractables and legs to the system. The dowel pins are permanently secured to the system via a tether. The base plates provide further absorption to the system as they engage three trusses.

Skyhook™ Swivel Top


The specially designed Skyhook™ allows for attachment down the center of a truss with screws. This is the stabiliser to the SkyMast.

Part# Description Pitch Degrees Weight kg
00315 SkyMast Skyhook™ 4 – 15 6
00325 SkyMast Skyhook™ 18 – 26 6
00335 SkyMast Skyhook™ 30 – 36 6
00345 SkyMast Skyhook™ 39 – 45 6
00271 SkyMast (fasteners included)
00352 Skyhook™ Flashing – Primer .90
Skyhook™ Flashing Accessories Kit

Skyhook™ Flashing Accessories

  • Flashing available in a pre-primed ready-to-paint finish
  • Gaskets also available & sold separately

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