XSPlatforms™ Anchor Point

XSPlatforms™ Anchor Point System

XSPlatforms™ Anchor Point System

Maximum Safety Products and XSPlatforms® introduces one of the most versatile anchor point systems in the world. The new premium anchor point is the ideal solution for single anchor point tie-off for roof top applications comprised of wood, metal or concrete surfaces.

In addition, the system performs exceptionally on membrane roofs where the need for minimum penetration is required. With the system, there is no need to cut large sections of roofing material away to properly secure the anchor, thus saving you time and more importantly, money!

XTS system


With on-site engineering, technical drawings and installation instructions, the third party tested system provides installers, dealers and users with the confidence that they are putting their trust in one of the world’s best systems.

Screw top design of the XTS system


No matter the application, the XSPlatforms® system will meet your needs. With the screw top design, multiple options for tie-offs can be created.

Demonstrates the XTS system absorning the energy of a fall


The XTS anchor points absorb the energy of a fall in the stem, which minimizes the transfer of forces to the structure. Thanks to the separate base plates, replacements after a fall is easy; simply unscrew the anchor from the base plate.

Part# Description Weight
53047 XTS Anchor Point 4.5

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