Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval


The Arc-O-Pod is a high quality tripod that incorporates a variety of upgraded features over other brands at an affordable price. The Arc-O-Pod comes with a stability chain and carrying case. All of our confined space systems are stocked in regional warehouses for reduced shipping costs.

2.1m aluminum tripod is lightweight and portable, easily set-up by one worker and can be transported from one location to another just as easy with the included bag.

Adjustable locking legs adjust quickly in increments of 50mm for added safety and are kept in position with locking push pins and will span a 1.6m diameter hole. Legs are non-slipping to eliminate handling difficulty while adjusting.

Complete with safety chain to prevent movement and safety shoes that incorporate a rubber sole for flat surfaces and spiked edges for slippery surfaces.

Heat treated cast aluminum head incorporates a built-in pulley system to rout lifeline of mechanical device directly over opening. Also equipped with drop forged steel eyebolts for use as anchorage point for secondary or back-up system. Complete with quick-mount bracket for attachment of Guardian 3-Way Rescue Retrieval SRL for ease of use.

Additional mechanical devices can be mounted to tripod with optional bracket/pulleys. Rated working load is 158kg for work support and 140kg for fall arrest and can withstand up to 2268kg of vertical pull.

Meets or exceeds AS/NZS and OSH strength requirements for anchorages (2268kg).

Part# Description
20001 Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System Kit: 15030 (1.6m Tripod) / 10974 (15m 3-Way SRL) / 00768 (Ultra Sack Bag)
20004 Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System Kit: 15030 (1.6m Tripod) / 10981 (15m 3-Way SRL) / 00768 (Ultra Sack Bag)
15050 Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System Kit: 15030 (1.6m Tripod) / 15028 (Winch) / 15027 (Winch Adaptor) / 00768 (Bag)
15030 Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System: 15m Tripod / Pulley / Bracket / Chains / 00768 (Ultra Sack Bag)
10974 15m 3-Way Rescue & Retrieval Retractable*
10981 20m 3-Way Rescue & Retrieval Retractable*
10983 Bracket for 3-Way Rescue & Retrieval Retractable*
10991 Adapter Shim for 3-Way Rescue & Retrieval Retractable*
15025 Tripod Pulley*
15027 Winch Adaptor for Arc-O-Pod*
15028 18m Man-Rated Winch*

* Sold separately.

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