Collapsible Tower

Collapsible Tower

The Collapsible Tower is the only fall arrest and/or restraint device of its kind. The unit is lightweight, versatile, and cost effective. Unique only to this system is the ability to put either three (3) workers in arrest or six (6) workers in restraint. The Collapsible Tower device is ideal for leading edge work, concrete, or steel. There are a variety of bases and the "NO PIN" feature allows for fast deployment.

Image showing showing how lightweight the Collapsible Tower is


Made of reinforced aluminum, the Collapsible Tower is lightweight and easily breaks down for transportation.

Collapsible Tower

Easy to Handle

The Collapsible Tower sets up in seconds and is completely removable.

Closer image of the Collapsible Tower


The system can be used for fall arrest up to 3 people or fall restraint up to 6 people.

Part# Description
30639 Weld On/Bolt On Mounting Bracket for Tri-Post
30646 PRO-1 Series Fall Arrest Tri-Post, 7.3m working height, 1 person fall arrest
30647 PRO-2 Series Fall Arrest Tri-Post, 4.3m working height, 2 person fall arrest
30637 PRO-3 Series Fall Arrest Tri-Post, 1.3m working height

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