"No Pin" PRO-2 Davit System

No Pin PRO-2 Davit System

The PRO-2 Series Davit System is ideal if you experience multiple entry environments. We can provide a number of base options including custom design support. The base options even include an aluminum truck mounted system as seen in the picture.

Barrel Mount Base

Barrel Mount Base (30636)

Our new hot dipped galvanised Barrel Mount Base is an ideal product to use on circular structures when combined with our PRO-2 Series Davit System. With four points of adjustment, your confined space entry and retrieval system will be stable for use.

Floor Mount Base

Floor Mount Base (30654)

Our hot dipped galvanised Floor Mount Base can be either poured in place or secured to the top side of concrete flooring. The Floor Mount Base can be customised with your specific finish as well as stainless steel.

4-Point Wall Mount Base

4-Point Wall Mount Base (30648)

The 4-Point Wall Mount Base is ideal for use in utility vaults or on areas where your means of attachment is limited. The 4-Point Wall Mount Base is also available in stainless steel as well.

Part# Description
30671 PRO-2 Plus Series Hitch Mount Base (2 piece)
30693 PRO-2 Series Hitch Mount Base (4 piece)
30672 PRO-2 Series Bridge Barrier Base (2 piece)
30673 PRO-2 Series Counterweight Base (3 piece)
30174 PRO-2 Davit, 22R-117H (2 piece)
30056 PRO-2 Davit, 22R-137H (2 piece)
30636 Barrel Mount Base, 4.5mm to 57mm CS-500 finish
30648 Floor Mount Base, mild steel, hot dip galvanised
30630 Floor Mount Base, 304 stainless steel, sandblasted
30633 4-Point Wall Mount Base, 304 stainless steel
30654 4-Point Wall Mount Base, mild steel

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