"No Pin" PRO-3 Hoist System

No Pin PRO-3 Hoist System

The PRO-3 Hoist System is designed for confined space work and rescue. The PRO-3 base is both portable and adaptable to whatever confined space applications you may encounter.

The legs of the base can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the confined space entrance as well as uneven surfaces. The davit arms can be used in conjunction with a Guardian Winch or one of our SRL’s. One of the key advantages to this system is that it gives the user maximum safety while still being easily portable once the work is done.

Guardian’s PRO-Series Davits are available in a wide variety of heights and reaches, with features ranging from basic fixed position jobs to fully rotational and adjustable Davit arms for multiple applications. PRO-Series Davits feature pin-less adjustment, which eliminates lost or damaged locking pins. Various designs are available, including free-standing, counterweighted, clamp-on or vehicle mounted systems.

PRO-3 Portable Base

PRO-3 Portable Base

The PRO-3 Portable Base has four independent support legs. The male legs can also be adjusted outward, so the base can “wrap around” a hole from 1.3m to1.9m Ø. The Davit sleeve may also be moved left to right to allow rotating the davit in rescue applications.

Adaptor Bracket

Adaptor Bracket (30686)

Our Pro-3 Series allows for a variety of competitor’s 3-Way Retractables to be attached to the post. System is designed for a 3-Way, material or personnel winch.

Upper & Lower Masts

Upper & Lower Masts

The Davit Arm allows for easy adjustment as well as providing an energy absorbing feature that is unsurpassed by any other product on the market. The entire system adjusts without pins of any kind.

Part# Description
30635 PRO-3 Hoist System: 30604 / 30608/ 60641
30604 1.3m(H) x 710mm(W) PRO-3 Series Upper Mast
30608 1m(H) PRO-3 Series Lower Mast
30641 62mm Bracket, Winch Structure #6 - 62mm for Davits
30686 Adaptor Bracket
10983 3-Way Tri-Pod Bracket for use w/ Arc-O-Pod
10690 Davit Bracket Kit: 60641 / 60686 / 10983

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