4-Person Rope HLL System

4-Person Rope HLL System & Kit

A simple to install temporary fiber rope lifeline system that can span between fixed anchorage points and provide a safe horizontal anchorage for multiple users. The device is simple to install, easily assembled by one person and can safely arrest up to 4 users. See technical information and user instructions for clarification.

  • 16mm low stretch polyester double braided rope with wear indicator
  • Max span of 25m with up to 4 persons
  • Simple to install via RVT – Rope Vice Tensioner
  • Rope bag keeps equipment protected & stowed
  • Easy to take down & install with quick release arm
  • 24mm spanner flats allow additional tension reducing sag
  • Pulley will slip to avoid over tensioning
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Alloy construction powder coated
  • Can be produced in a range of colors
  • Over 10K rope strength

* System may ship with red tensioner & red rope.


Armadillo (00245)

  • Designed specifically for proper use of retractable
  • Aluminum cradle makes the unit lightweight
  • 360° degree casters make movement of Armadillo smooth
  • Can be attached to our Horizontal Rope Lifeline System
  • Can be attached to any roof anchor on the market
  • Fits our 6m - 18m retractables
Part# Size Description
30800 25m Fiber Rope HLL Kit: Tensioner / 2 Carabiners / Storage Bag
00245 Armadillo

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