Beamguard™ in use
Beamguard™ installation

Quick Installation

The installation of the BeamGuard™ is designed for simplicity and requires the use of a standard wrench.

Beamguard™ installation

Easy Set Up

The BeamGuard™ is extremely easy to set up and use. The system requires very little time to set up and can fit flanges over 100mm wide.

Beamguard™ components

Durable Components

The BeamGuard™ has durable reinforced welds and gussets. The system utilises all steel and metal components with few loose parts. The system does not require an in-line shock absorber to safely arrest a fall.

Part# Description Rod Base Flange Hook Flange Thickness Flange Width Weight kg
04710 Pass-Thru Top N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
04700 Standard Beamguard™ 455mm Standard Standard Up to 30mm 100 - 350mm 21
04701 Intermediate Beamguard™ 610mm Intermediate Intermediate Up to 55mm 100 - 500mm 21
04702 Large Beamguard™ 915mm Large Large Up to 85mm 100 - 805mm 22

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