Fixed Ladder Systems

Beamguard™ in use

Our systems offer the following:

There are a variety of vertical lifeline systems to choose from and Maximum Safety is excited to introduce a number of new systems designed to fit many of your needs.

Types of Vertical Lifeline Systems

As a worker moves up and down the entire length of a fixed ladder, there are some important things to consider when deciding what system to utilise.

Is the system needed permanent or temporary (portable)? Most often workers need a permanent solution for repeat maintenance tasks.

Our temporary systems are lightweight and cost effective. They can be moved easily from one structure to another. If there are frequent accesses required, then the use of our permanent systems is in order. These systems can include cable or rigid rail.

Also, consider the type of cable grab that would be used. This can be a manual system or automatic trailer. Ideally you would want a hands free system to travel with the worker. Don’t forget to utilise a couple of Tool Lanyards for that long climb.

Fixed ladder system in use

Maximum Safety has a variety of pre-engineered fixed ladder systems that include cable and rigid rail. In addition to our pre-engineered systems, our ESG division can design, engineer, fabricate and install custom ladders including ladder cage systems.

Fixed ladders shall be provided with cages, wells, ladder safety devices, or self-retracting lifelines where the length of climb is less than 7.3 m but the top of the ladder is at a distance greater than 7.3 m above lower levels.

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