System on Rigid Aluminium Rail

System on Rigid Aluminium Rail

This vertical Fall Arrest System is an integrated solution to arrest the fall of a user who has to constantly climb up and down a ladder.

The StepTrax Vertical Anchorage Line is made of stainless steel wire rope and is maintained in the rigid position by use of two mounting brackets – one at the top and one at the bottom.

A stainless steel cable grab moves up and down the anchorage line, accompanying the user who is connected to this grab with the help of a small shock absorbing lanyard.

To maintain rigidity and tension in the anchorage line, a screw type mechanical tensioner is provided at the end of the anchorage line at the bottom, connecting it to the lower mounting bracket. Intermediates are provided at regular intervals to prevent dislocation of the anchorage line from its optimal position due to wind pressure or mechanical movement.

Connection of the wire rope at the two ends to the cable extremity and tensioner makes installation easy, avoiding the use of specialised machinery.

* StepTrax Vertical Anchorage Line System can be made in any length to meet your specific needs.

Part# Description
40054 StepTrax Vertical Anchorage Line System on Rigid Aluminum Rail
40006 KI Ladder System Locking Carabiner
40013 KI Ladder System Aluminum Extension – Length: 1.5m
40014 KI Ladder System Aluminum Rail Intermediate – Length: 3m
40015 KI Ladder System Vertical Trolley – Stainless Steel
40018 KI Ladder System Junction – Stainless Steel
40019 KI Ladder System Aluminum Rail Extremity – Length: 3m
40020 KI Ladder System Ceiling Mounting Bracket – Stainless Steel
40021 KI Ladder System Ladder Rung Assembly – Galvanised Steel

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