XTS-Linked HLL System

XTS-Linked HLL System

The XTS-Linked Horizontal Lifeline System is comprised of different components that form a Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL).

The lifeline allows horizontal movement when working at heights. The XTS-Linked Lifeline System can be fixed to almost every surface on a job-site, serving as a safeguard to those working at heights. Fall hazards are minimised, and the ability to work at the required height is not compromised.

With the only single point penetration system available on the market, you save money and time!

XTS-Linked HLL System

Efficient System

XTS-Linked HLL System can be a complete continuous run with 45° and 90° degree turns allowing for a safe and efficient system that will keep the worker performing tasks while always remaining attached.

XTS Slider

XTS Slider

The intermediate station creates a continuous run that the terminal slider passes over as the worker travels along the system.

Securing of anchorr

Easy Installation

The means of securing the anchor makes the HLL system the easiest system to install. The patented mounting system limits the number of roof top penetrations as well as allowing the system to attach to a huge variety of roof types.

XTS-Linked HLL System

XTS Tensioner

In partnership with XSPlatforms®, Guardian has taken the lead on providing this vastly superior lifeline system to clients ranging from the U.S. Military, Government, Universities, Airports, Semi-Conductors, Private Developers, and many more. The XTS-Linked Horizontal Lifeline System has dominated the interest of many architects over the last two years as the system provides the greatest amount of options for attachment, ranging from single point anchorage connections to continuous horizontal lifeline runs and overhead systems.

XTS Base

Unique Base

The key feature of the system is the unique base that allows for a variety of attachments to be combined whether it is a single point tie-off or as part of a horizontal lifeline system.

XTS Globe Anchor Point

Globe Anchor Point

The Globe Anchor Point is a single point of attachment ideal for both fall arrest and fall restraint. The device easily connects to the XTS system. The Globe Anchor Point comes in both the blue cap version and the stainless steel version.

Single Point Tie-off Post

Single Point Tie-off Post

The single point tie-off post is ideal on roof tops where holding power is a concern. This system will absorb energy in the post and reduce impact forces that are transferred to the roof top.

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