Velocity Economy Harness

Velocity economy harness

Your employees and customers will appreciate this higher quality economy harness for an incredible value. While other manufacturers look to cut costs by cheapening up their lower end products, Maximum Safety will not sacrifice quality or the protection of your employees to save a few nickels and dimes.

The new Velocity Harness by Maximum Safety brings the best economy harness to the market. Our suppliers engineers revamped the tired old basic harness into a higher quality product that your employees and customers will enjoy.

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Break-away lanyard keepers

Break-Away Lanyard Keepers

Lanyard keepers reduce the risk of dragging and snagging lanyards. The keeper is on the chest to make the lanyard end more accessible.

Harness identification


Now your employees can personalise their harnesses without jeopardizing the integrity of the webbing.

Webbing ends

Finished Webbing Ends

Keeps the webbing ends from fraying or getting damaged as well as providing a clean and professional look.

Harness webbing

Webbing Wear Indicator

Unique red webbing core provides a visual warning to the user that the webbing has been damaged and should be taken out of service.

Velocity HUV Velocity w/3D-rings
Size Chest Legs Part# Weight kg Part# Weight kg
S - L Pass-Thru Pass-Thru 01700 1.2 01702 1.3
XL - 2XL Pass-Thru Pass-Thru 01701 1.3 N/A N/A
S - L Pass-Thru Tongue Buckle 01703 1.2 01705 1.3
XL - 2XL Pass-Thru Tongue Buckle 01704 1.3 01706 1.5

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