Shock Absorbing Lanyards (01214)

Shock absorbing lanyard

Meeting the stringent requirements of the AS/NZS 1891.4 standard, Guardian’s shock absorbing lanyards limit the average arresting forces to 408kg. or less. With 25mm nylon webbing, and a variety of hook options, Guardian’s AS/NZS and OSH compliant lanyards are a valued selection of any personal fall arresting system.

Adjustable lanyard

Adjustable Lanyards (20091)

  • Ideal for positioning and restraint situations
  • Quickly adjusts from 1.2m to 1.8m
  • Available with or without shock absorber
900mm 1.2-1.8m Description
01214 Shock Absorbing Lanyard – Single Leg w/ Snap Hooks
01280 Adjustable Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard
01285 Adjustable Shock Absorbing Lanyard
20091 Adjustable Lanyard – Double Leg w/ High Strength Rebar Hooks

Double & Triple Lock Lanyards (11750)

Double lock lanyard
1.8m 1.2-1.8 Description
11730 11830 Double Lock Wrap Lanyard – Single Leg
11740 11840 Double Lock Wrap Lanyard – Double Leg
11750 11855 Triple Lock Wrap Lanyard – Single Leg
11760 11865 Triple Lock Wrap Lanyard – Double Leg

Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyards (01250)

Non-Shock absorbing lanyard

Heavy Duty Tie-Back Lanyard (01275)

Double lock lanyard

Tie-Back Lanyards eliminate the need for a separate anchorage connector. The adjustable tie-back point allows anchorage size versatility.

600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.8m Description
01250 01255 01260 01265 Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard – Single Leg
01275 Heavy Duty Tie-Back Lanyard

Cable Lanyard with Flame Resistant Cover (01245)

Cable lanyard with flame resistant cover
  • Ideal for welding applications
  • Removable Flame Resistant cover for safety inspection of shock pack
  • Vinyl coated cable for added protection from welding slag or sparks
  • Double swaged ends for added safety
  • Durable inspection tag for monthly use

Kevlar Lanyard with Shock Cover (01223)

Kevlar lanyard with shock cover

The new Guardian Kevlar Lanyard with removable shock pack cover is ideal for use during welding operations. The removable FR cover is essential to make sure the shock pack can be inspected prior to each use and after each use. Abrasive services, UV degradation, and welding slag are the most dangerous types of exposure to any fall protection equipment.

600mm 900mm Description Weight kg
01245 1.8m Coated Cable Lanyard – Single Leg w/ Removable Flame Resistant Cover 1.8
01223 1.8m Kevlar Shock Absorbing Lanyard w/ Shock Cover .45

Tool Lanyard

Tool Lanyards

  • Help reduce falling object related injuries
  • Securely attach tools to wrist or tool belt
  • Two connection options for ease & versatility
Part# Description Weight kg
10725 Tool Lanyard with Mini Twist Locking Carabiner N/A
10726 Tool Lanyard with Mini Carabiner N/A

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