Rescue G Loop

Rescue G Loop

R.D.H.L. kit

Step 1

Unzip the pouches fitted on both sides of harness

R.D.H.L. and pompier hooks

Step 2

Hold the two straps together

Attaching pompier hook to swaged eyes

Step 3

Connect the straps with each other making a loop with the help of easy-to-use buckle

Attaching the Premium Cross Arm Straps to the fall protection anchor rail

Step 4

Put your feet into the loop

Attaching the Pompier Hooks to the Premium Cross Arm Straps0

Step 5

Stand into the loop, so that the thigh straps are free to move

Deploying the R.D.R.L. to one side of the fallen victim

Step 6

Adjust the sit strap towards the front to release pressure and give a seat-posture

Part# Description Weight kg
10731 Rescue G Loop .6

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