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Gotcha Evacuation Kit

Gotcha Evacuation Kit (53040)

The Gotcha Evacuation kit is a lightweight, self-contained kit intended for evacuation of stranded personnel from elevated work areas – an evacuation kit that is ideal for use on elevated machinery. The kit is suitable for evacuation from automated racking systems, overhead cranes, elevated work platforms and high bay storage areas.

Gotcha Suspension Loop

Gotcha Suspension Loop (53038)

The use of a Suspension Loop is an addition to any rescue system that can help to alleviate the effects of suspension in a harness. However, this must not be seen as a solution to the problem and is also of little use to unconscious victims. It can therefore be classed as an intermediate measure and rescue must follow.

Rescue ladder

Rescue Ladder (10817)

When working out of bucket trucks, aerial lifts, or any elevated work surface, it is important to be prepared at all times with this portable 4.2m Rescue Ladder. The Rescue Ladder device attaches to an anchor point and then to your harness. In the event of a fall, the ladder deploys and allows the worker to rescue him or herself.

Part# Description Weight kg
53038 Gotcha Suspension Loop Rescue Kit .6
53040 Gotcha Evacuation Rescue Kit 2.2
10817 Rescue Ladder 3.5

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