Self & Assisted Rescue Kits

Self rescue kit

Self-Rescue Kit (15006)

The SRK-11™ is a true Self-Rescue kit: each worker has his own kit, assuring independent, immediate self-rescue capability! The SRK-11™, Tech Safety Lines’ unique emergency egress and Self-Rescue kit, utilises a high-heat line with a tensile strength exceeding 3175kg The SRK-11™ features the Military Compact Descender, the MCD. This descent device provides a rapid means of descent – safeguarded by both a passive and active braking system.

Assisted Rescue Kit (15005)

Assisted rescue kit

This Tech Safety Lines Assisted Rescue kit allows just one person to successfully perform a rescue in minutes! This rescue system is based upon three basic steps:

  1. Access victim
  2. Raise the victim to release pressure on fall
  3. Lower him or her easily to the ground

Innovative gear includes:

Part# Description Weight kg
15005 Assisted Rescue Kit (ARK) 18
15006 Self-Rescue Kit (SRK-11™) 3

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