Trauma Strap

Trauma Pack Strap

The Trauma Pack Strap is designed to address a serious problem associated with arrested falls called Suspension Trauma. The purpose of the Trauma Pack Strap is to give the user relief while waiting to be rescued.

The strap consists of a web bridle with foot stirrups and adjuster, contained in a pouch. It can easily be retrofitted to any full body harness, without altering the harness.

During the fall arrest, the Trauma Pack Strap will partially deploy, making it easy for the user to fully pull it from the pouch. The user would then place their feet in the rungs. The user can now stand or maintain a seated position.

Shows how Trauma Pack Strap is easily accessed

Easy Access

The Trauma Pack Strap partially deploys in the event of a fall that can be easily accessed by the worker. The Trauma Pack Strap can be attached to most make or models of harnesses, even the competitors.

The web bridle foot stirrups and adjusters

Custom Fit

The web bridle includes foot stirrups and adjuster that allows the worker to custom fit their size. Located down the front of the fallen worker, the stirrups are simple to place your feet into to help relieve pressure off of your arteries until help arrives.

The Trauma Pack Strap


The Trauma Pack Strap is lightweight, made of durable nylon and loops onto most harnesses. No extra hardware is needed. The Trauma Pack Strap comes with a Velcro closure that can be manually deployed.

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10730 Trauma Pack Strap

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