3-Way Rescue Retrieval SRL

3-Way Rescue Retrieval SRL

Maximum Safety is excited to introduce our new 3-Way Confined Space Rescue Retrieval Retractable. To the chagrin of our competitors, and in keeping with our market approach, we are able to bring this unit to market at a considerable savings. Through U.S. machining fabrication and manufacturing, the new 3-Way Retractable provides a dependable alternative to the overpriced systems on the market today.

3-Way handle

Easy Handle

The internal components of this retractable lifeline are comprised of high-end materials. The special coated brake pawl bolts are heat treated, grade 8 and impervious to salt water contamination.

3-Way retractable

High Quality

Other retractables of this quality are priced at least 20% higher than ours. Daytona Big Block brings our distributors and end users a better value than the competition, yet the quality is high-end.

3-Way internal mechanisms

Proprietary Design

The nylon housing is reinforced with an inner brace. Internal components are made of aluminum, treated steel, and stainless steel parts. Critical parts are machined and void of any plastic components.

15m 20m Description
10974 10981 3-Way Rescue Retrieval Self-Retracting Lifeline

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